SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Getting Started Guide

You can be a beginner to search engine optimization, or you can be someone who wants to control everything from the beginning. This initial lead will speed up the process for you. In this guide, all the basic features of SEO are presented in a simple way and provides tools that comply with industry standards.

What is SEO?

SEO means improving the organic search performance of search engines by strengthening the availability of a site. The key search that is addressed to search engines like Google, engines.

SEO Purpose

The aim of SEO is to optimize a site to fit the target. The success of SEO studies is measured by visibility, traffic and return on investment.

How Search Engines Work

Search engines want to please users by giving full information about their queries. Search engines follow a both-steps way to generate results. Firstly, performing scanning and indexing, then it offers the appropriate results.

Indexing and Scanning

Browsing is a process performed by search engines when updated or when new content, page, or site is detected. The special tools known as browser, spiders, or bots to determine which site to be scanned by using an algorithm. Search results vary in places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, because each has its own algorithms.

On the page a browser wants to browse, the robots.txt file is first revised. The Robots.txt file tells browsers which parts of the site to be archived. The browser then starts scanning the relevant parts of the site based on the instructions contained in the robots.txt file. Generally, the browser does not find copy content on the site, and the value of that page is , adds it to the archive.

This archiving is called indexing. Through the results obtained from scanning and indexing processes, search engines provide appropriate results for users’s queries.

Presentation of Real Answers

When a user performs a search query, search engines try to find the appropriate information by browsing the indexes they create. Then, you find this information on the search engine results page in the and performs this presentation in order according to eligibility.

Availability and sorting status vary by search engine. That’s ’em. The alignment of each search engine is different. Using these algorithms, search engines want to prevent manipulation in the rankings. But certain methods that the algorithm would like are used by some of the world’s top people in the first place.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is part of the search engine marketing (SEM) work. Search engine marketing is marketing efforts to increase the visibility of a site on the search engine results page. Another method in search engine marketing is known as search engine advertising. Within the search engine marketing work, these two The main difference between the way it works is that one focuses on paying and the other one focuses on organic traffic.

Importance of SEO

In the most simply, SEO allows high-end users to find your site. Without SEO, your site will not be able to be found or your site will be found by the wrong people. SEO uses a mix of digital marketing methods to make your site visible. In fact, SEO has different benefits. If you feel that the SEO is not enlightened enough about its importance, you can see the following:

  • Reliability – Users rely on search engines to deliver meaningful results. If you have a high ranks in the search engine, users are sure to They’ll think about it.
  • Traffic – The higher the rankings your site, the greater the amount of clicks and traffic it will get.
  • ROI – SEO is a pretty good way to get ROI opportunities. Your gains with Advertisements will be short-run and Crictly. The results you get with SEO are less costly and much more profitable in the long run.
  • Customer Monitoring – SEO studies such as keyword research will give your customers a pretty good impression. With these studies, you can find your target audience, what are their areas of Interests and understand their needs. Your gains with Advertisements will be short-term and costly. The results you get with SEO are less costly and much more profitable in the long run.
  • Branding – SEO doesn’t just ensure high visibility of your site. At the time, it also helps to improve the image of the Brand by making it much more strong.

Techniques and Methods

There are two different methods in terms of SEO work: SEO in the dark, and SEO in the head of the web. Both benefit from both on-site and off-site approaches as the core features of SEO. A good marketer has the ability to bring together internal and off-site works by adhering to SEO studies.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

There are two philophoes in SEO work: White hat SEO and black hat SEO. To be more specific, the way to follow if the user thinks the white hat SEO approach is the white hat. The head of the head is the approach that is the right and ethics of the SEA. This approach is based on the rules set by search engines, and the user is located at the center.

The black hat SEO is an aggressive SEO tactic and aims to manipulate the rankings. Manipulation keywords, incored, links, links, unwanted farms, unwanted There are several methods such as comments work, door pages. Some marketers tend to use black hat SEO tactics because these tactics help to gain rankings in the short term.

However, when the black hat is tacking SEO, the user experience is in the background, and these methods are considered inappropriate by search engines. It is necessary to stay away from these methods in all conditions. Search engines are on the way to quickly refine those who use these means. Although the white hat SEO work is not as fast as the black hat SEO work is much more is reliable, but consists of much longer-term work.

The white hat SEO works serve a lot more closely to the user’s search intentions as it is intended to please users. The following ways of the white hat SEO are the best methods that are included in:

  • Perform keyword research to select keywords that correspond to users’ needs
  • Producing original content that addresses the user’s query
  • To include target keywords in title label, content itself, URL, subtext, and anchor text of internal links
  • Using related keywords in text content
  • Encourage users to click on your site by ensuring that the meta description and title of the content is as clear and clear as possible
  • Using information architecture to allow users to easily navigate your site

In-Site SEO

As its name implies, in-site SEO is the name given to optimization opportunities within a site. By optimizing the various part of your site, search engines can find you, You can have it go to the index path and archive it. When you do these correctly, the user experience and your status on the search engine result page will be much better than before. For an on-site SEO for a start-up, you can consider the following:

Page Architecture and Internal Linking

  • You should make sure that the anchor text with the same link is made up of the same expressions.
  • You should be careful not to have more than 100-200 internal links on your site.

Indexing and Cache

  • You must make sure that your txt file and XML sitemap are located in the root directory.
  • You should think about mobile first. Make sure your site offers a pretty good experience on mobile devices.

Page Load Time

  • You should make sure that your pages on your site open in less than 3 seconds. One of the most important features for the user’s life is the page load.

In-Site Controls

  • You must create unique and remarkable headlines.
  • You must include all the explanations.
  • You should only use one H1 tag on each URL.
  • Görsellere alt etiketleri eklemelisiniz.

Status Codes and Redirects

  • Make sure you don’t have any 4xx or 5xx pages on your site.
  • You should check if your site has 302 redirects and instead use 301 redirects. 301 redirects all values that a link has in the form of the


  • You need to make sure that the content on your site is genuine and is at the top of the screen.
  • You should not use duplicate content in subdomains.

International Approach

  • You must create an international version of your site.
  • You must not neglect to use hreflang and rel tags.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO means that you increase the reputation and authority of your site by working outside the domain you have. In-site SEO work you will do on the site itself Off-site SEO studies will mean that you create value through links while covering changes. With links from other sites, you can allow search engines to see your site as a much better quality place. Links with high quality search ranking of your site has the effect of upgrading.

Generally, links are divided into three groups. The first group includes links created in an organic form. The page owner does not need to do any additional work in order to obtain these links. These links can be self-contained, like the links of the links. If you want to take some time to link creation and be more active in this field, you should pay attention to the concepts of link water and link threshold.

Link threshold refers to the value of a link. There are many different types of affective link threshold. The authority, popularity, reliability, the amount of links it has, the age of the link, the anchor text of the link and the level of interest of the link are some of these factors. It is necessary to consider these signals when setting up a link-building strategy.

Although links are one of the most important off-site SEO factors, it should be remembered that there are more different factors. These factors include the website of the website, social media marketing, and other marketing work is involved. The name of your brand outside your site is considered an off-site SEO study.

Step-by-Step Guide: From Keyword Research to Analysis

If you want to develop an SEO strategy, you must first decide what steps to follow. Follow the steps below if you want to improve your SEO performance for more information. Following these steps to get started with SEO will make your job a lot easier.

  1. You should perform keyword research using Google AdWords Keyword Planner.
  2. To determine if you can get the order for the keywords you find, click to check out your account.
  3. You should use these keywords to create comprehensive and valuable content.
  4. You should be able to use the captions and subtitles.
  5. You must have a good plan.
  6. You should decide what the contents of the site are and what parts they will be included in.
  7. You should use on-site optimize.
  8. You should add various links to the content of the site.
  9. By developing off-site strategy, you should promote your site through social media or email marketing.
  10. You should analyse data and make asctions and try to find new deals.

Suggestion for Success

Because search engines have hidden algorithms, no one knows exactly what it takes to achieve SEO success. But search engines can help people with a variety of manuals are published. You can use these guides to find out what the various ranking factors are affecting the ranking.

Positive Ranking Factors

The following tips will make your site’s organic traffic much better:

  • You should create pages for users, not for search engines.
  • You need to make that the content your site has is unique.
  • You must have a clear and plausible page hierarchy.
  • You should rethink your site for spam.
  • You must create a sitemap file, include a site directory, and have a sitemap page.
  • You must make sure that the results you are using has If-modided-Since web-based.
  • You should review the txt file to make sure that it has enough scan budget.
  • You should use a content-control system.
  • You must make sure that all links have valid HTML.
  • You should be able to provide important things in text, not in a view.
  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Negative Sort Factors

You should avoid negative sorting factors by reviewing the following tips:

  • Black hat should not use SEO methods.
  • You must not links to pages that are not available.
  • You must not use automatic and non-genuine content.
  • You should not use the links.
  • You must not include unrelated keywords on your pages.
  • You should not use confidently.
  • You should not use stolen content.

All of this, you should keep track of your improvements at all times. You should review the direction of your work by performing the necessary analyses. You should always use the methods that are useful for your site.

Free SEO Tools

If you want to optimize your site, it’s important to use the right tools. You need to upgrade your site’s traffic using the best free tools below for more information about the data.

  • Using Website Checker, you can get an overview of the optimization opportunities on your site.
  • Using txt Generator, you can use a robots.txt in a simple few steps. file to create a file.
  • You can use the Text Uniqueness Tool to detect copy content on your site or review the copy status of your content.
  • Use Google Snippet Optimizer to review how your site’s results appear on the search engine result page.
  • Using Page Speed tool, you can use the page speed of your site can be optimized.

You can be a big encoder or a local provider. If you want to be found by users on the Internet, you should take the search engine optimization work seriously. You can strengthen the user experience by improving the content and technical elements of your site. This way, you can get the ranking of search machines. When you do this, you also make sure your site has more traffic. If you really want your dialling business to work, you can use a You have to find your way.

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