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Start to End SEM Guide

We have prepared a comprehensive guide on SEM (Search Engine Marketing), namely Search Engine Marketing. What is SEM in this guide? How to do it? We’ve studied many topics such as budget planning for SEM, digital marketing, and SEM, SEO and SEM, Adwords ad types and cost calculation.

What is SEM?

SEM is a marketing method based on search engines guidelines to create a quality advertising experience when marketing on the search engine.

So, how to create a quality advertising experience and what does it do for your company? Using quality advertising texts, quality images when advertising on search engines, your ad can be used in other will make it appear higher than ads.

SEM will provide you with your online marketing efforts, campaigns, number of periodic visitors, number of instant visitors, and metrics that are indirectly or directly linked to these metrics to increase your performance. It’s also an optimization method that you need to use to trigger sales.

In addition, another purpose of making SEM is to reduce advertising costs.

Let’s think of competitive firms as shops lined up in a street. Of course, you’re gonna want to own the store up the street to impose a possible customers. For this, you have done your SEO work and you are in the first results for specific query. But the first few areas on the search result page – the first shop up the street – Google ads.

Google considers the SEO value of your site when ranking in search results. When you place an ads, it considers the SEM value. In order to give the user a quality search result, Google and other search engines are very sensitive to these issues.

How to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ?

A search engine marketing is first necessary to have marketing skills. Carefully preparation of advertising texts in search results, according to certain techniques in this context is one of the most important elements. Any person who makes a survey on your products on the market is your lead. Imagine you only have 10 seconds to turn these people into your customers.

A person who is doing a search on oGoogle will be on an on-the-clock page in about 10 seconds. This is an indication of how hard you’re on for both SEO and SEM. In 10 seconds, , the name, url structure, meta title and meta description of your Site must be able to provide a clear answer to the word or phrase that person queries. It’s the same way with SEm. Instead of meta description and meta title first ad title, second ad title and ad descriptions are quite attractive and interesting will attract the customer to your site .

One way of marketing is to convince the product you’re going to sell, that your customer needs it. The people shop in need. Even if they don’t really need it, it triggers shopping. You can make an Smes with the ads that will help people to shop.

Also one of the most important aspects of SEM is to reduce advertising costs. Reducing ad costs also means you can reach more people at the same cost. In order to achieve this, we recommend you review Google’s quality scores criteria.

For example, when a person searches for striped pyjamas on Google, your ad text, headlines, and ad link leads them to a striped pyjama page, and the customer is very happy to buy from if you can get out quickly. It means you’ve made a quality ad.

To summarize, you can target the right audience, optimize wide match, complete match and sequential matches in keyword searches, and have a high level of advertising relevance will both increase your quality score and benefit from SEM and help your ads to the top.

Digital Marketing and SEM

There is a special connection between Digital Marketing Specialist. Internet advertising and SEM. The digital marketing specialist needs to know the SEM very well. The Digital Marketing Specialist performs marketing on social media and search engines, mainly Google Adwords.

A digital marketing expert in Search Engine Marketing works at the lowest cost, focusing on the right audience and direct sales and page visits. On top of this, the page needs to use some special techniques and conduct research in order to make accurate targeting according to its customer base. Of course, it’s a very good thing for each man to have yoght. will be valid. Working with the right digital marketing professionals will be the best thing to do for your company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM

There are some contradictions and some difference between the sem and the sem. Both use algorithms that determine the order of queries made in the search engine. When SEO only works a little harder, SEM can respond to your optimization within a matter of a matter of time. If you say, “SEO is heavy, so let’s pay attention to SEM, let’s not take SEO seriously.” You’ll be down. The key to real success has been proven as SEO+SEM.

When a customer searches and sees that your ad is in the top row and your page is in the top row without ads, they’ll be more reliant on your site. While conducting SEM studies, SEO studies are generally started. Because these are always based on the same-that-the-one-on-the-other ‘s-the-one-on-the-other.

Terms You Need to Know About SEM

  • Click Throught (CT)
  • Click Throught Rate (CTR)
  • Impression
  • Conversion
  • Conversion Rate (CR)
  • Adserver
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Cost Per Impression (CPI)

Google Adwords and SEM

Google takes the biggest share of search-browser marketing without a chance. Google Adwords service, which allows you to advertise on Google, has a great share in setting SEM criteria. When advertising through Google Adwords, paying attention to SEM criteria allows you to provide a better quality advertising experience to your customers. You can also use high quality advertising experience, your clientele rate and is the most important factor that will directly increase your sales.

Adwords Ad Types

There are many kinds of ad in the app. Thanks to these, you can reach your target audience more accurately and get better transformations.

Search Network Only

This is the type of ad in which your text ads appear only in Google search results.

Display Network

Google Adsense is the type of ad displayed on pages related to your ad with domains.

Shopping Advertising Network

Is the type of ad displayed on Google’s shopping platform.


It is the type of advertising done through Gmail.


This is the type of ad for downloading the app you’re making for your mobile app.

Youtube Advertising

They are different types of advertisements made on Youtube, in search results or in video or in subband.

Adwords Cost Calculator

Google Adwords works through auctions and offers. There is an auction between bidder companies. This will define how much anyone will pay for their advertisement. Assuming we bid on cost-per-click, we will advertise to the word “digital marketing”. For example,

  • We offer $1.55 per click as piyuv companies
  • B company bid 1.5$ per click.
  • C company bids 2$ per click

It may look like C’s ad should be on top, but that’s not the case. Not only does Google consider CPC (Cost per Click) here, but also the Quality Score in the same way. And on that, with a little calculation, it broadcasts your ad.

Quality Score is rated out of 10. Our aim to achieve the closest score to 10 will reduce the cost and increase the quality of our advertisements. When calculating quality score, parameters such as expected click rate, ad text relevance and landing page quality are taken into account.

CPC x Quality Score = Result

Let’s add quality scores to our previous example.

piyuv offers of  1.25$ x 0.9 quality points = 1.125 Pts

Offer 1.5 $ x 0.7 quality score = 1.05 Pts

Company C offers 2$ x 0.5 quality score = 1.0 Pts

When we look at the results, piyuv companies offer the minimum bids, but the highest score is piyuv. So the first place in the “digital marketing” is the ad of piyuv, and the first place is the “b” Company C will be released in third place, despite the highest bidder.

Google Adwords always try to prioritise not only the highest-paid, but the creator of the highest quality advertising content.

Budget Planning for SEM

You don’t need to allocate a specific budget for the SEM. You can start with a small budget in line with your company’s revenues, investment goals and transformations and increase your budget over time. Choosing the cost types listed below will help you reduce your cost and get more conversions.

CPC (Cost Per Click): The type of cost you pay as you click on your ad. It is the most fitting payment to bring people to your homecoming.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): The type of cost you pay based on the conversion you receive. It is used in E-Merchandise. It is the ideal payment requirement for sale of a particular product.

GBM (Cost Per Show) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Screenings): This is the type of payment you make over your impressions in advertising results. It is the best place to work in the business of the is the payment requirement.

SEM and Competition Analysis

As with SEO, there is competition in SEM. That’s why competition is of great care. Using many paid or free analytics tools, you can find out which keywords your competitors are competing with you, analyzing their behaviour and analyzing your own strategy to determine the current state of the world.

By focusing on areas where your opponent is weak and ineffective, you can fully own those areas as well as empowering your opponent’s strong and weak areas by doing homework.

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